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Ok...back in 1984, after I had been working for the railroad first as a Brakeman and then as a Locomotive Engineer for 12 years, I had the desire to start some sort of no store front business. Mail order was the only choice at that time of course. I wanted the business to have an outdoor related product line. As it happened, during this product selection period of brainstorming, my grip fell apart. If you are a rail, you know what I mean. Cheap bags just cannot take the demands of our profession as train crew members. At any rate, a good friend, also a Locomotive Engineer, knew of my ideas for a business and my bags poor health, and suggested I start making high quality grips!!

Hmmm...I think we could do that!! I put myself on a very steep learning curve regarding materials, production sources and technique and so on. We started off slowly and found that our bags were then and still are today, among the highest quality soft luggage available. My original name was "October Country". If you see any of those bags around, know that the bags are at least 14 years old!

We have been producing these high quality, affordable, soft luggage items ever since then. Of course the majority of these bags are in use by transportation industry people...railroad train crews, truckers, etc.

Our reputation within the railroad industry well established and respected. More recently, a broader group of high frequency business travelers from all industries, that recognize the value of our high quality travel bags as well, are discovering our quality, durable American made products. Our bags (travel, duffle or backpacks) are made to work for a living. One of the great things is that for personal use (non railroad), these bags are just about indestructible!

As you may have seen on the first page you came to, we are expanding our product line over the next few months to provide a good source for high quality products for our customers old and new.

Autumn Creek luggage items provide the buyer with what we believe to be the best value available today, in terms of price/quality ratio, for any high frequency use. There are many, many of our bags that are over 20 years old, with some 24 years old, that are still being used on the road today!

You can very easily pay less for a bag...but you will not find the Autumn Creek quality, value and durability. Purchase one, good Autumn Creek bag...or many other bags of lesser quality.

If you experience difficulty processing an order online, you can leave detailed information, including your credit card information, on our secure, password protected phone mail by dialing...