Autumn Creek 

Autumn Creek bags are tough, hand sewn, rail designed, rail tested AMERICAN MADE grips for hard working railroaders who need a bag they can count on day in and day out. 100% Designed by a 41 year railroader, our bags are built for the rails. Reset your grip expectations.

We use 1000 denier Cordura® soft stuff, YKK® zippers with large heavy duty sliders, self healing coil heavy duty zipper, heavy duty steel snap hooks on shoulder straps with 2” welded steel “D” rings.

Autumn Creek bags are:

  • Machine washable
  • American made
  • Designed by a 41 year railroader specifically for the industry
  • Hand cut and sewn
  • Guaranteed for life!
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Overnighter Big Backpack

Picture of Overnighter Big Backpack
This pack was designed specifically for and with the assistance of train crews and is currently our most popular item! 3500+ cubic inches of space and a place for EVERYTHING! Even a lantern!

$161.00 (USD)

Double Header

Picture of Double Header
This bag is our most popular "duffle" type bag. The reason for the bags popularity is the capacity. You get about 5200 cubic inches of space to carry all you will need for just about any condition you may be working or traveling under.

$158.00 (USD)

Main Line

Picture of Main Line
The Original! This is the very first soft luggage item we made and offered to railroaders in 1984. It was a very popular bag then, as it is now!

$129.00 (USD)

Overnighter II Medium Backpack

Picture of Overnighter II Medium Backpack
This pack is approximately 2/3s the capacity of our original "Overnighter" with additional exterior pockets. The Overnighter II is more popular with Engineers since they don't have to haul as much as the Conductors do.

$156.00 (USD)

Double Header II

Picture of Double Header II
This bag uses the same design as our Double Header and is popular both as an on-board grip or, an away from home terminal bag. Carry-on size.

$155.00 (USD)


Picture of Local
This item is a shorter version (15 inch length main compartment) of the Main Line. This bag is most popular as a second bag.

$115.00 (USD)

Overnighter & Overnighter II Backpack Set

Picture of Overnighter & Overnighter II Backpack Set
Our two Backpacks come together for the ultimate set! One for you, and one for a friend. One for work and one for travel. One for the road and one for the yard. Or, both for you!

$305.00 (USD)

Overnighter Local Set

Picture of Overnighter Local Set
Combining our best seller with our smallest capacity to give you plenty of space, opportunity to separate items and ease of carrying!

$265.00 (USD)

Double Header & Double Header II Set

Picture of Double Header & Double Header II Set
Max capacity and detailed organization make this a winning combination for all types of train service. Almost 10,000 cubic inches of space!

$300.00 (USD)

Double Header & Local Set

Picture of Double Header & Local Set
We've brought together capacity and convenience! Ideal set for the extra board- could be the road... could be the yard- we've got you covered!

$265.00 (USD)

Main Line & Local Set

Picture of Main Line & Local Set
The two bags that started it all make a classic set for all types of train service.

$235.00 (USD)

Glove Pouch

Picture of Glove Pouch
These handy zippered pouches were meant to keep dirty gloves from coming in contact with clean clothes and other items that may be carried.

$6.00 (USD)

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