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Double Header & Local Set

We've brought together capacity and convenience! Ideal set for the extra board- could be the road... could be the yard- we've got you covered!
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The Double Header:


This bag is our most popular "duffle" type bag.  The main reason for the bags popularity is the capacity.  You get about 5200 cubic inches of room to carry all you will need for just about any condition you may be working or traveling under.  Another feature that draws train crews especially, is that there are many pockets/compartments, both zippered and open "slip" pockets for the many documents, special instructions, government regulations and more, that are required in the railroad industry. 

Along with the common features all of our bags share...the Double Header has...

  • Capacity: Approximately 5200 cu. in. 
  • Main compartment measures 14 W-13H-20L for a total of 3600 cu. in.
  • End compartments for your shoes, shave kits, lantern, glove pouches, radio paksets etc. The GCOR or other rule books fit in either one also.
  • Full length zipper pockets on both sides and on each end.
  • Interior slash pockets for small items.
  • Nylon shoulder strap with...
    • Heavy duty, 2" metal "D" rings.
    • Heavy duty metal snap hooks.
    • Non slip pad.
  • Railroad tested!!!


The Local:


This item is a shorter version (15 inch length main compartment) of the Main Line and also makes a wonderful "carry on" bag for air travel.  

  • Along with the common features all of our bags share...the Local has approximately, 2700 cubic inches capacity.
  • In addition to the large (9x15x15) main compartment, there is an open topped, elasticized pocket on each end for thermos, lantern, paper work etc.
  • A two thirds height full length, zippered, bellows pocket on "front" side of bag.
  • Two full length, 15 x 6" deep strip pocket with sewn dividers in the front and back zippered slash pockets.
  • Side release buckled compression straps to take pressure off of zipper in case bag is "stuffed" or for holding a coat,  raingear etc.

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$265.00 (USD)
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Product reviews
Great Combo for All Seasons!!!
Bought this combo about 2 or 3 months ago and constantly asking myself how I got by without them in the past.  This combo is awesome if you work anywhere that there is a big difference come winter and summer.  I use the larger bag in the winter as it holds my overalls, extra clothing, and shoes for at my away from home terminal,  Then come summer I have switched to the smaller bag, which with the size of it, I could probably still get by with it year round.  

I highly recommend Autumn Creek to all my fellow co-rails, and it seems every time im in the the yard office, someone else is walking in with one.  I even seen a new hire carrying one the other day!

Thanks for your hard work!

Luke L.
St Paul, MN.

From: Guest | Created on: 4/4/2012 4:45 PM

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